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Children, like seeds are bundles of potential waiting to be tapped into.

John Hancock

The Statistics

In order to provide a solution , you must first understand the problem. Here are some statistics that will give you a better understanding of the issues that we're facing and trying to resolve.

Have had no education

1 in 4 Liberians have access to safe drinking water.

Life expectancy at birth, total (in years)

Poverty headcount ratio at national poverty lines (% of population)

GDP per capita is U.S $400.

More than 82% of the population lack access to a decent toilet.

Our Mission

Isn't it interesting how each of us where children, yet many of us today do not take the time to give much thought to children? Children, like seeds are powerful bundles of potential, waiting to be tapped into. Like seeds, they are abundance in it's smallest state. Especially when they are properly cared for, nurtured, guided and exposed to proper opportunities that would stimulate their holistic development. However, if they are left unattended, they could grow up becoming champion of vices and could become a serious liability to the society as a whole. Therefore, we at LICOAP are concerned about raising this powerful awareness and seeking every possible means of reaching as many disadvantaged Liberian children as possible. We believe that this is the most productive and profitable venture that could help us recapture the lost generation of our nation. They may have been subjected to such a climate of violence as a result of over 13 years of war. However, instead of sitting and hoping some miracle will happen that will point the youth in the right direction. We believe small, concrete and constructive interventional steps can be the miracle that could change their lives and change the nation. Please help us make a difference. Thank you !

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